Introducing The Worst First Date ever – do you really try this?

Folks, let us acquaint ourselves with a brand new matchmaking app. All of us are tired of Tinder, so it is always good to check out the competitors. That one’s called LoveRoom. They explain on their own as ”Like Airbnb meets OkCupid.” 

Well, which is an unusual information. However know these techy startup people — they can be constantly talking terminology. ”It really is like Netflix and chill touches Uber.” ”It’s like Twitter satisfies Pornhub responses.” Let’s see what it is about. 

Jesus Christ! Has actually anyone from LoveRoom previously been on a first day before? A few of them could probably get slashed small at 25 minutes and everyone included could be best off because of it. A complete week of basic time? AT ONE OF THE RESIDENCES? Am I the only person picturing some one going over to somebody’s home, murdering their time and then holding various other times at said murderhouse? No? Possibly?

OK, let’s not pretend. This can be a crazy concept. Often insane ideas are crazy great. Perhaps this is one. Perchance you’re the type of individual who comes difficult, early, but also hates the outdoors. If that’s the case, LoveRoom is definitely for you. Or you’re looking to kickstart a vocation in theft and never having to choose any hair. Or perhaps you just love out-there dating app principles. Have an attempt! What’s the worst which could happen?

I believe confident claiming LoveRoom will not replace Tinder, but I additionally think confident that another insane dating app principle we see would be Marry, an application in which you get legally married since your first date right after which merely sorta see how that works well down individually. So fun and old-fashioned!